About me …. Erm …. Why is this so difficult and why am I sat here being daft and all bashful and blushing? I can hear Awww Shucks in my head like Bashful himself! Here goes …. I’m nothing so special, just a small time girl ….. oh here I go, there’s a song for everything! I was born and raised (now I have the Fresh Prince of Belair theme tune in my head! It’s chronic!) in a small Medieval Market Town, though I’ve left a few times and returned.

My biological Dad had an affair and ran out on us, he half-arsedly tried to visit me when I was born but never tried again, great effort – NOT! I have two Brothers that possibly don’t know I exist. My Nanna and Grandad played a big role in my upbringing and were an integral part of my life, my Mother grafted and our roles are very much reversed, I’m the parent and she’s the child. I grew up surrounded by hardship and violence, scrutiny and selfishness, secrets and lies, putting up a front and things never to be discussed. That is until I came along and decided that the elastoplast needed ripping off for this I’m not always popular!

I’m a girl that’ll turn my hand to anything so maybe being a survivor was always in my blood! I’ve worked in the Hotel Industry, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and even a FTSE 100 Accountancy firm. I’m a two time published Artist and can belt out a tune. I am a Sex and Relationship Advisor though my own relationship history is pretty dire! I’ve even done a bit of Animal Psychology, though Dylan my very spoilt black Labrador pays no heed! I have a passion for the Arts and the Theatre and a love of the outdoors. Cruelly I have a undiagnosed rare Autoimmune condition that causes me great pain amongst other things but most recently I sustained a head injury and brain haemorrhage which left me paralysed down my right side and restricted my left side, very little speech, cognitively challenged and unable to read and write. You’ll learn all about my fight and just how determined I have had to be.

If you take anything away from this blog please let it be, that no matter what anyone tells you, you are your own driving force and until you’ve discovered for yourself, don’t ever accept or believe you can’t do something, otherwise I’d still be sat in a wheelchair and never taken so much as a step! Who am I? Well I am that girl and this girl most certainly can!

As the big rubber lipped rock god Steve Tyler himself once said, life’s a journey not a destination and boy, have I been on a journey!