Brain Drain – Action For Brain Injury Week 2019

I’m aware I might be asking a great deal but if you could find the time in your busy lives to watch this, I’d be truly grateful.

I was misdiagnosed for 11 months as having “rare unexplainable strokes” until I finally won my fight to see a Neurologist. They confirmed I’d not suffered any such strokes but went on to explain I’d ruptured my left ventricle brain stem and suffered a brain haemorrhage, surviving this was truly rare. Devastatingly it’s left me with irreversible brain damage and my life unrecognisable.

The sleep part of my brain was damaged, so I struggle to sleep, even strong Barbiturates fail to flick the switch and initiate sleep. The longest I’ve gone without sleep was 6 nights/7 days and I was a complete mess, loss of vision, extreme pain, Dystonia, tremors and Dyskinesia to mention a few.

This video diary unfortunately is “normal” for me at the moment, though it’s definitely an improvement though it might not seem it!

Thank you in advance, please, share, comment, like, it might just help someone to feel less alone.

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…. I just want people to treat others with compassion and understand that there’s many hidden things behind a smiling face ….