You, Me And Brain Injury …

Today kicks off Action For Brain Injury Week. Headway UK have asked us to help our friends and family understand our head injuries and brain damage, they’re calling the campaign – You, Me and Brain Injury.

Here is a message to friends and loved ones but most importantly my fellow head injury survivors.

Please give me 10 minutes of your precious time that then might potentially help someone struggling with adapting, disability, isolation or uplift someone who’s feeling lost and alone, hey, maybe it’ll even cause us to celebrate with each other for being courageous enough to face the camera!

Who am I? Well I’m the girl who defied and lived – I Am That Girl!

Look out for Hashtags – #ABIWeek #HeadInjury #BrainInjury #HeadwayUK #ActionForBrainInjuryWeek2018 #YouMeAndBrainInjury

“Don’t ever let anyone say to you, you can’t do that or your body is not capable of doing that …”

6 thoughts on “You, Me And Brain Injury …

  1. This lady got me through one of the hardest times of my life!

    No, I didn’t have a brain injury but something happened to my brain that I didn’t get answers for for a long time, I do now, but it’s still hard to cope with sometimes.

    How Liz helped was that she believed in me!

    You’re a true inspiration to so many people Liz and damn right you’re supposed to be here!!!!

    So much love sent.
    Get that word out there.
    You only live once so make it count.


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    • Awww Lucy! Bless your heart, gosh, what can I say to that, you’ve floored me! Thank you sounds a big naff! Lou I didn’t do anything special babe, a part from be there and not be a sheep and think for myself! Awww bless you man! As naff as it may sound, I’m still going to say it – Thank you!! ((Hugs)) Lots of love ❤️ xxxxxxxxx


  2. Liz you are truly an inspiration. I have tears rolling down my cheeks in response to the passion in your video. I will keep praying for you. Thank you for being brave and putting yourself out there. Love you babes xxxx

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    • Awww God love you Sammie, thank you so much! I was praying my speech and my brain wouldn’t let me down part way through but they behaved! It’s been viewed by over 4000 people so far and the response has been phenomenal, I’m completely blown away. It really wasn’t easy to do and I wasn’t expecting to feel so emotional doing it. I often talk about my head injury as a third party but it had a huge emotional impact on me when I addressed my message to others head injury survivors out there. I needed to hear my message 15 months ago but there was no one to deliver it to me and that choked me too because I don’t want anyone left in the dark like I was. Lots of love babe and thank you once again ((Hugs)) ❤️ xxxxx


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