You, Me And Brain Injury …

Today kicks off Action For Brain Injury Week. Headway UK have asked us to help our friends and family understand our head injuries and brain damage, they’re calling the campaign – You, Me and Brain Injury.

Here is a message to friends and loved ones but most importantly my fellow head injury survivors.

Please give me 10 minutes of your precious time that then might potentially help someone struggling with adapting, disability, isolation or uplift someone who’s feeling lost and alone, hey, maybe it’ll even cause us to celebrate with each other for being courageous enough to face the camera!

Who am I? Well I’m the girl who defied and lived – I Am That Girl!

Look out for Hashtags – #ABIWeek #HeadInjury #BrainInjury #HeadwayUK #ActionForBrainInjuryWeek2018 #YouMeAndBrainInjury

“Don’t ever let anyone say to you, you can’t do that or your body is not capable of doing that …”